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5 Facts About Minecraft Streamer Ranboo You Probably Didn’t Know

Who is Ranboo and what does his face look like?

Ranboo is a faceless American Minecraft Streamer who is best known for his contributions to Dream’s Survival-Multiplayer (SMP).

He’s considered as one of the first members of the multiplayer server to really give his character a backstory and non-human characteristics. This start to character-building would affect the entirety of the server, as the rest of the members would follow in his footsteps and develop their in-game characters towards what they are now.

1. He was featured on the D & D Podcast, “Just Roll With It.”

I made ranboo's skin into a dnd figure ( use a website called heroforge) : r/Ranboo

Ranboo was actually introduced on a few episodes of a podcast that Charlie “Slimecicle” Dalgleish, another member of the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (“SMP”), is on. As an added bonus, the pink suit that he once wore as a sub-goal in one of his regular streams is the outfit he wears throughout all three episodes of the podcast.

2. Ranboo’s making an alternate reality game based on his character in the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (“SMP”)

RANBOO DREAM SMP Skin Minecraft Speedrun Manhunt" Sticker by FandomColours | Redbubble

This alternate reality game follows the journal entries of a researcher named Z, as the investigator attempts to figure out more about the “enderwalk state.” Ranboo has, so far, scattered clues on various platforms and accounts to keep viewers guessing when and where the next clue to the mystery is going to show up. The available clues have already started to be put together, but the elusive enderwalk state is nowhere near solved.

3. Ranboo wanted to work at Taco Bell

Ranboo has said that if streaming hadn’t worked out as it did, he would most likely be working at Taco Bell. On a live stream, he said: “Fun fact! I would’ve worked at Taco Bell if streaming didn’t work out. Not even if streaming hadn’t worked out, it was my plan. It was my plan, right? It was my plan to work at Taco Bell. I needed some sort of income, and then… bam!” He goes on to say that he really wants a Taco Bell shirt.

4. 83% of Ranboo’s viewers are LGBTQ

After a poll was done on-stream, the results revealed that 38,825 of the total 46,678 viewers who voted were members of the LGBTQ Community. This result meant that upwards of 83% of Ranboo’s audience is part of the LGBTQ community. This percentage, although massive, feels accurate, given the communal “share the gender” gag several of his transgender and nonbinary fans jokingly ask him. This joke is in reference to a phenomenon called, “gender envy,” which is the feeling of wanting to be like someone gender-wise, or share their gender expression. Ranboo is completely aware and accepting of his community, especially those that experience gender envy from him. While trying to explain this phenomenon to Tubbo, he states: “It’s like with people who are trans and nonbinary and everything. Basically it’s like, “gender envy,” of some sorts… that’s what a lot of people said. The way that I present myself, you know, it’s just something that some people would hope to be able to present themselves in the same way.”

5. The 26th of each month is “National Ranboo Day”

TommyInnit on Twitter: "@Ranboosaysstuff What the hell is national ranboo day" / Twitter

On November 26th, 2020 Ranboo declared that he would run for president of L’Manberg, despite not even being a member of the server at the time. Afterwards, Ph1LzA and Fundy raided his stream, and Clay “Dream,” on that day, would invite him to join the server. Ranboo now celebrates the 26th day of each month in honor of when he was invited to the Dream Survival-Multiplayer. This, notably, kickstarted his career as a streamer, allowing him to continue doing what he loves to this day.

There were 5 interesting facts about Ranboo that you may not know. We hope that you enjoy the post. For more blogs about Ranboo, check out here!